Worrying only shortens our lives....


This Izzo / Cleveland thing might be a be a drawn out issue..

So, here at SpartyMSU.com, we’re moving on till there is something to talk about.
No use camping out in front of his house, in the Breslin or pitching a tent in El Az…

We all Love Coach Izzo,  but he’s got to make the decision thats best for him, and MSU has to work to try to keep him.  We don’t want a new Coach, but, if it comes down to it, Spartan Basketball will survive. No other individual could have done more for all of Spartan Athletics than Tom Izzo. He can do more, his presence and abilities make the University Basketball program and all programs that much better.

In an article with the Freep: “I’m optimistic he’s going to be on the sidelines here next season, and we’ll be planning his retirement party here at Michigan State,” Hollis said.  “I would anticipate and hope that decisions are made earlier than that (July 1),” Hollis said. “I’m talking to Tom every day, and throughout the process, he’s been very open with me. He has to analyze how good things are at Michigan State  and compare that to the situation in Cleveland.”   http://www.freep.com/article/20100609/SPORTS07/100609045/MSU-AD-Izzo-s-decision-expected-by-July-1

Coach Izzo had a meeting with his players for what seems to be an attempt to keep the boat from rocking too much while things are in flux… He has not said he is leaving MSU.

So, we move on till something more concrete pops up… 

Bottom line we want, need, desire, plead that he stays..  he has done more for MSU than anyone ever dreamed  of, and we want to see the legend continue to grow in East Lansing.



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