Stop the Bleeding.... Lost to Purdue

What do I say.. What direction do we go now... ???

If they play to their potential they could take the NCAA crown.. no questions..

Last night, I vomited after the first half of the Purdue game.. it mad me sick to see the hole the Spartans dug for themselves.  

Seems light years away from the PreSeason #2 ranking they got.. Yes they have the talent, and yes they have their collective heads… no where to be found. 

The preseason ranking was correct in one regards, they do have the horses. The student athletes are very talented, but for some reason they are having trouble with the hunger, focus and drive come game time.

They barely beat low life Michigan, barely beat Northwestern, lost big time  to Wisconsin, Lost to Illinois, Lost a home game against Purdue.. Its not he loss that has be upset, it’s the way they lost.  By digging a hole by getting behind early... hurried shots.. turnovers..  The last 5 games have been B-A-D.

Yes.. I know the Big Ten is a meat grinder.. I believe that Izzo was correct when he said it would take 4 – 5 loses to win the Big Ten.. But, I was hoping our Spartans, Roe, Kalin, Summers, Green, Allen, Raymar were better than that.  They can shoot better than what they have been..

Last night against Purdue:
Spartans: 32% - Purdue 56% (OUCH….)
Spartans 9 – Purdue 16

Spartans out scored Purdue in the Second half, but were torched in the first.
Score by Halfs                  1st  2nd   Total
Purdue........................   47   29  -   76
Michigan State................   33   31  -   64

I love the Spartans.. I know they can do better..  They can win the Big Ten.. But it’s a wide open mess right now, with Wisconsin, Ohio State, Purdue, Illinois  and the Spartans are all running for the Championship..

Stop the bleeding.. kick some ass.

Only Six more games left in the regular season.. Need to win out boys…
* At Penn State
* At Indiana
* Ohio State
* At Purdue
* Penn State
* Michigan

Sparty On !!


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  • 2/20/2010 12:06 PM Go Spartans wrote:
    I was at the game and I just can't believe they lost against Purdue. The shots just weren't falling in that game. They really need to develop some momentum for the rest of the season.
    1. 2/20/2010 1:04 PM SpartyMSU wrote:

      I watched the OSU / Purdue contest, and couldn’t believe how weak the Buckeyes looked, I am sure they will be up for the Spartans Sunday. 


      As for the Big Mo.. If we can win the next two games – OSU & Purdue, then the Spartans will have a ton of Momentum headed into the Big Ten tourney and March Madness..


      Thanks for the comment !

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