Game 10: Western Michigan Broncos - Outlook

Game 10
:  Western Michigan Broncos

Home game at Spartan Stadium
November 7   Noon Game

Tailgate starts at 7 for all of our WMU friends...

Early weather Forecast

The SpartyMSU prediction hasn't been to accurate lately.. but,I will tell you this.. The WMU Broncos are going to get a whole can of steamy green and white frustrated Whoop Ass opened up on them..  This prediction will stick....

Now, its not personal.. the Broncos just happen to be coming into town after Two.. Dos.. Deux... sucky losses.....  And there is a Whole bunch of pissed off Spartans ready to take it out on somebody.. so.. Mr. Bronco.. its not you.. your coming into the wrong place at the wrong time..

Another thing I can guarantee is that there will be no nut punches... Remember last when Michigan's Mark Ortman punched Illinois' Corey Liuget in the family jewels.. Rich Rod has got to get control of the mob in AnnArbor.... We'll have none of that in East Lansing thank you...

MSU has not released a depth chart.. I have to think the tough games recently are taking a toll on the health of the team..  we have to guess the injuries are looking like:  RB Larry Caper and S Fortener  left last week with a concussions.. hope their  back. C Joel Nitchman has a knee issue.. no word on him.. Glenn Winston’s surgery I hope went well, he’s gone for the year, he is missed... Is Trevor Anderson injured?  haven’t seen too much of him.

Regardless of whos available or not, The broncos are in for a whipp'in..

This isn't to say that Western is lacking..
Au contraire, Pierre..... The Broncos do have talent.. just re-read our preview of them...

WMU quarterback Tim Hiller is a stud.. he has thrown for thousands of yrds..
PASSING         GP   Effic Cmp-Att-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Lng Avg/G
Cousins, Kirk    9  139.95  136-223-5   61.0  1744  12 57 193.8
HILLER,Tim       9  127.8   240-384-8   62.5  2509  17 73 278.8

Hiller couldn't have these numbers if he didn't have a strong "O" line....
But, WMU has their own bunch of injuries to contend with..

They have reported the following injuries:
TE Dallas Walker ( broken right hand) is questionable for Saturday's game against Michigan State. WR Jordan White (ankle) is questionable for Saturday's game against Michigan State.  WR Juan Nunez (ankle/leg) is questionable for Saturday's game against Michigan State.

To get a better feel of how they will match up... Lets look at each team and how they rank in their respective conferences.  MSU rank in the Big Ten, Western's rank in the MAC.  And we can't for get their strength of schedule....

Strength of Schedule:
MSU: 48
WMU: 115

Summary coming up.. but you ask, What do it mean....???
A]  Spartans lead in every major category..
B]  WMU's Hiller is a passing machine....
C]  MSU's Defense is a stingier in giving up yrds in the air or on the ground..
D]  Broncos played a weak schedule....
E]  Broncos are going to get a beat down...


Rank           Team  Gm Att Cmp Int   PPct  Yds  YdAtt  Td   YdsGm  YdsCmp
  1. Michigan St.      8 264 155   7  58.71 2188   8.29  16  273.50  14.12
  3. Western Mich.     8 345 216   8  62.61 2305   6.68  16  288.13  10.67

 Rank           Team  Gm Rush   Net   Avg  Tds   YdsGm
  7. Michigan St.      8  275  1040  3.78    9  130.00
  9. Western Mich.     8  242   943  3.90   10  117.88

Rank           Team  Gm Att Cmp  PPct  YdsCmp Int   Yds  YdAtt  TD   YdsGm
7. Michigan St.      8  272 161  59.19   11.11  4  1789   6.58  16  223.63
12. Western Mich.    8  277 155  55.96   12.08  4  1873   6.76  14  234.13

 Rank           Team   Gm  Rush  Net   Avg  TD   YdsGm
3. Michigan St.        8   272  831  3.06    3  103.88
10. Western Mich.      8   296 1484  5.01   12  185.50

 Rank           Team  Gm  Pl  Yds    Avg TD   YdsGm
  3. Michigan St.      8 539 3228  5.99  26  403.50
  3. Western Mich.     8 587 3248  5.53  27  406.00

 Rank           Team  Gm   Avg Plays  Yds  TD   YdsGm
  5. Michigan St.     8   4.82   544 2620  19  327.50
 12. Western Mich.    8   5.86   573 3357  27  419.63

Sorry Broncos.. No Bowl spoiler for you this year... You just don't measure up...

I see Spartans winning this one.. and head into the Purdue game with another win under their belt...


This might possibly be a high scoring affair:
Spartans      37
Broncos       24

Sparty ON !!!


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