2008 Spartan Football Predictions: Iowa

SpartyMSU’s  Brew Crew assembled (Gav, Opie, Alfie, Dave , Andy, and Dennis showed up (finally)) to Review and Predict the 2008 Spartan Football Season..

Lets get this party STARTED..!!!  On the discussion board is: Game Six.. Iowa.

Game 6… IOWA...   Its Spartan HomeComing... … Oct 4, 2008 at Noon , in East Lansing.....

Looks like a good Tailgate in Iowa City... Found this pic on the Web... No idea who took it or where it was taken from... 

But In East Lansing, its a Day of Huge Tail Gates... And most Probably a Spartan Victory...

So Far, SpartyMSU has predicted the Spartans to be Undefeated going into this game...
5 and 0 is the Predicted Record headed into this contest..

Last year.. what a Strange and Miserable game.. Spartans lost in Double OT.... This year.. its a Still a Season of weirdness in Iowa City.. The Letter controversy of alleged Rape.. Many Other Players have been nominated for the Teams Fulmer Cup points... What a Mess.. I can't keep up ...the Floods.. the Players.. Its a disaster....

For this Year …2008 …. QB Jake Christensen is it.... RB Albert Young has graduated, WR James Cleveland is gone… No real Stand outs remain on Offense.   Maybe RB Nate Guillory, RB O’Meara, or Greene  can gain some yards.

As for WR,  with both Douglas and Bowman getting kick off the team (Good Move for Ferentz… Needs to tighten the Leash on the players..) possibly Brodell, Johnson or Moleaki  can pull down some receptions if Jake can get the ball to them… This isn’t a fair dig at Jake, since he really only had 6 ints., and he was >50% in completions….  But, still against MSU last year… he was only 30%. The pressure from the Spartan DE, LB and D-Line had allot to do with that. But, other than Jake… no proven successes….

About the  “O” line,  all 5 starters are back which will help. But, they were bad last year.. they have to give Jake some more time, and open some lanes for a Rush if they expect to be any better… But, again, it’s the same bunch of guys.. Maybe (Like Notre Dame…) One year older and One year wiser.. .but probably not enough. Ranked last in allowing sacks in the Big Ten, Last in Scoring offense, 10th in Rushing offense, 10th in passing offense… They got to get better…  Maybe..

As for the “D”.. They were the Better half of the ball for Iowa last year, and it will be that way again.   I really liked the play last year of Klinkenborg and Humpal… they have to replace 2 decent LBs… Have to see if they can.. if they can’t, they “D” won’t be as good as last year…

Both Safeties are retuning (Unless they get pinched by the ICPD and add Fulmer Cup points for the team). The “D” line is as strong as it was last year or a little better, since they are 1 year more experienced. DE Mattison and Iwebema will be strong again… And give Hoyer some pressure…

With Respect to the Spartan Home coming Game…  Iowa Offense can’t put enough points on the board due to the backfield pressure from DE and  crushing speed the Spartans have that will fill any holes that the Backs try to run through…  And True lack or Stand out Talent at RB.. and WR... (Nobody like Cleveland is catching this year...)

Spartans do have Retuning Offensive Stars and they show it… Iowa just isn’t that good in 2008… 
Sorry BHGP…..

Spartans win Big in Front of a Packed Homecoming Spartan Stadium …. They are 6 - 0 after this game...
Spartans 47 – Iowa 13

Sparty On !!!!


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  • 7/30/2008 9:50 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Don't know what's funnier - your grammar, your prediction, or the fact that you don't know who Iowa's WRs are.
  • 8/2/2008 12:06 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Who does your research? The NCAA might take some umbrage with Iwebema and Mattison starting for the Hawkeyes...they're both out of eligibility.

    What color is the sky in your world?
  • 8/4/2008 10:34 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Not to mention Douglas and Bowman was last summer. By Johnson, I think you're refering to Derrel Johnson-Koulianous or DJK for short. Under 50% completions is not good, idk why you made it out to be.

    BTW my favorite part was when he refered to the Iowa offense as the Iowa offence.
  • 8/4/2008 10:37 AM Anonymous wrote:
    and its Moeaki not Moleaki

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